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Welcome to Lynston Motor & Spray Works

Are you looking for a trusted and competent automotive vehicle servicing, repair and spray painting workshop?

Our team are comprised of experienced, innovative, professional and dedicated mechanics that will quickly set into action to repair or service your vehicle that only ends when we deliver a flawless vehicle back to you.

Your concern is Our Priority!


At Lynston, we do more than respect nature – we do everything we can to preserve it.

We have followed the path of environmental protection by making environmental responsibility part of our code of ethics and equipping with state of the art designs and most advanced technology. Our high-tech equipment ensures the paint is always perfectly applied and the colors perfectly matched.


Consistent quality of both products and working methods, combined with a responsible approach towards the environment, is our first priority. That’s the reason that we selected the high quality vehicle repair paints and coatings.


Each engine needs the right lubricant to protect it and enhance its performance. Eni research has developed eni i-Sint: the line of lubricants designed for your car’s needs.

Through higher durability and fluidity, Eni i-Sint high-technology lubricants represent a whole new way of thinking about driving. Eni i-Sint lubricants ensure maximum engine protection and performance, and improve the performance of anti-particulate filters through the use of special additives.
Eni i-Sint is a high-performance product line that meets the needs of today’s automotive engines.


The use in Eni lubricants of high-technology components improves engine results and performance, also helping to save fuel.


“Eni technology = improved performance = savings = lower emissions = eco-compatibility”


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Our Core Values

Technical Staff

We only work with highly rated mechanics, to provide you with professional evaluation and advice – repair only the necessary part(s).

Affordable Repairing

We offer honest, fair and transparent pricing for the most suitable parts and materials, obtained from reputable suppliers.

We Make It Easy

Our experienced team can help you every step of the way towards a seamless and hassle-free process for you.

On Time Delivery

We respect that time is money. Our mechanics are committed to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly and in a timely manner.

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